Food ….. and Celeste!

Celeste – my ever amazing toddler. Picky eater extraordinaire or it’s just mama.

Back when she started solid fouod, we were so proud of ourselves and of her. I would puree anything and she’ll ate it.  Baby cereal,  meat, fish, brocolli is a hit. We were into organic food and no salt. Feeding her is an event that I woudn’t miss for the world. It is a joy watching her scrunched her face if she think that you are to slow with the spoon. We were happy.

And she turned 1 year old.  Even before she turned one, there were signs but I just took it for granted.

Since I have started giving her “real” food in its “real” form, the trouble begun.  Everything you put in her plate goes to the floor. Note that she stopped eating baby cereal round 11 months.

Brocolli, floor. Rice, floor. Tiny slice of meats, floor. The only thing that didn’t end up on the floor is banana.

So I went back to pureeing her food. Worked for a while. At this time I started giving her pasta.

Lo and behold the pasta is the 8th wonder of the world.  She loved it.

I have cooked almost all of the pasta recipes out there that is appropriate for her but still she wont get tired eating it.

I liked giving her my version of macaroni and cheese with salmon flakes and broccoli on the side.  It is creamy and cheesy plus all the food group is present.



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