Gay and proud!

My sister is gay. I am proud of her. I love her.

Being a lesbian in this ever changing world nowadays is not for the faint of heart.  They get ridiculed, frowned upon and most of all called names by the idiots with superiority complex.

I always say that a gay person is human first then his sexual preference next.  If people would only stop and take a minute to think of what they are about to say towards somebody then we could avoid conflict, confusions and heartaches.

The way we treat members of gay community has come a long way, what with passing of laws allowing them same sex marriage and protection of their rights among others.  But only on “some” countries.

Gay people often-times labelled as spawn of the devil.  Really?

People are judgemental of what they don’t understand.  Living with my sister allowed me to look at things from her point of view.  She has seen a lot of upheavals in her life.  There were numerous struggles and valiant attempts to be accepted.

In our small town community in the backwoods of the Philippines, she is living openly as a lesbian and even-though there are others of the same sexual orientation as herself in our town, there are still ripples of non-acceptance.

She works in an honourable profession.  Lives according to what God has mandated us to do, respecting others, being kind and simply live life for the good of others and the community.

Some people are just hypocrites.

The only concern that I have now is what my sister’s sexual preference is, it is affecting her daughter.  You see she has a daughter and she is being bullied about her mom.

Should I kept quite about it? I already hear stuff about my sister, should her daughter hear the same? Adults can be cruel.  Parents may talk about my sister in front of their children. And children will repeat it to their peers, my niece and any person who is willing to listen.  Getting ridiculed for having a mother who is lesbian is not how I envisioned life for my niece nor my children to be.

We live in a free world, or so I thought!



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