Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I have been suffering from lack of sleep. Gritty eyes, pounding headaches, muscle spasms and just plain uncontrollable urge to close my eyes.

But I cannot and will not.

I sleep sporadically.  Hence it is playing havoc with my system.  I should be in dreamland by now but here I am holding my trusty phone writing the night away.

I had an hour nap late this afternoon and an hour nap again when i’ve put my babies to bed. Two of my siblings have sent me emails already to shut it and sleep.

But I can’t so I browsed through my phone’s photo gallery and 2 images caught my attention.


We are but humans and part of our make up is to feel emotions. To love, to hate, to worry.  I have my share of “worries” and try very hard to stop myself from doing so.  I can say God will take care of everything but that little cynic in my brain would say that God gave you free will to work things out.  And I conclude that it must not negate each thought as I can merge them to have me say that God gave me free will to work things out with my faith and HIS guidance.

Today might be gloomy and dark and the next day thereafter but a day will come that ray of sunshine will pass through that dark ominous cloud.

I know, I have been there!


images credited to instagod_ on Instagram.


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