We can plan ahead or we can just stay the same because what matters most is the good memories that we’ll have at the end of each day.



Pork Picnic Recipe


Medium sized pork picnic
Half a cup ginger Ale or sprite
3 tbsp redwine
1 piece onion
3 carrots, cut
3 celery, cut
6 cloves garlic, minced

Wash pork picnic and pat dry. Rub salt and pepper plus the minced garlic to the pork picnic. Pour Ginger Ale over the pork. Marinate in fridge for 2 hours or longer.

After marinating, sear pork picnic until brown, add carrots, celery and onion. Pour remaining marinade on pan and add the red wine. Let simmer for a few minutes.

Take out from pan and put on slow cooker. Cook on low for 5 hours.

Serve with mashed potato or use in sandwiches.

Also great with steamed rice.



Pork Picnic Ham version by Chef Husband

Death and Christmas

I am supposed to write a happy Christmas story but the sad news that I just learnt forever changed my memory of this year’s Christmas.

A friend just lost a loved one.  Today of all days.

Death and Christmas. Christmas and death.

She can never experience the joy of being a mother and a little miracle taken at her/his weakest moment.  I can only but give her a virtual hug.  Send her our virtual sympathy.  Technology can never replace the human touch in times of death nor birth.

I am so sorry for her loss.

An angel gone too soon and a mother forever grieving.

Death and Christmas should never be together.

Santa and Me!

Friday was a special day for us.  I woke up Mama, Papa and big sister early because we are going out to see Santa at the mall.  It is also Papa’s first day, of his holiday break.  Yay!

Mama made us breakfast. Cereal for me and big sister had scrambled egg and cheese. Uhm, I think it was Papa who made big sister`s breakfast.  I was gobbling my food and can’t sit still because I am so excited I will finally see Santa in person. I only see him on TV and only when mama let us watch one.

I have finished my breakfast and mama is done with her coffee too, so off to bath I go.  I will be wearing my new shirt today and I will have a tie too. Cool.

Change of clothes and some tears from me, I am finally ready to go.  I started crying because my shirt is scratching my neck, I want to go out, I am sleepy and hungry again.

I think I have fallen asleep as the next time I saw is not my mama but a big red bus.  We get on the bus.

I have fallen asleep again because we are at the mall already.  We went to a store first with many clothes hanging.  The shop was noisy and crowded and I hear mama said “where’s the men’s socks?” and I guess it was a couple of floors up as I get to ride a moving thing on my stroller. Mama said it is called escalator.  We found the socks and Mama and I fall in line and she said that we have to pay the socks. I did not like it.  I want to move.  Big sis and papa were nowhere to be seen.  I think they are having fun without me. I hope they did not ride the thing again.  I started to cry but mama said it`s her turn and can I be quite for a few seconds.  And finally we were done. Yay! I get to ride the moving thing again.  We did not ride that “escalator”.  Mama pushed me inside a big box.  It moved down but all I see is the shiny wall.  It is like a mirror. I smile and squint to myself but not for long though, we got out of that big box and into noisy people again.  I started to not like this “mall”.

I think I have fallen asleep again because the next thing I saw is a big white moose, a big Christmas tree and babies like me.  I think I will finally meet Santa.  I wonder if his reindeer is with him.  I saw him riding his sleigh on TV and it was AWESOME!  I think I will like Santa. I hope he likes me too.  I can not wait to finally meet him.  Mama said that while I was sleeping my Aunt Cee came over and said hi to me.  Too bad I didn`t get to meet her, maybe next time.  I hope she liked me.

The line is not moving.  It is taking forever.  I want to meet Santa.  I could see him from where Papa is standing but He is too far away for me to say hello.

To occupy me, Papa carried me and showed me around.  I like the pictures they are very colourful but there’s a lot of people.  I do not think I like this “mall” it is noisy and there are a lot of people but I want to meet Santa so I will not yet tell mama that I don’t like to be here.

Yay! Our turn.  I gave Santa a big smile and also the person who keeps calling my name.  I think she wants to meet me.  I had a picture with Santa and also my mama and papa and big sister.  This is fun.  I smiled a lot. And when Mama hand me over to Santa, I didn’t cry. I had a big grin on my face. I am very happy. I get to met Santa and he held me as well.  Big sis is not having a great time.  She does not want to be with Santa at all.  She’s crying. A lot.  I saw Mama wiped her tears away.  I think she’s scared of Santa. Too bad.

Finally we’re done and I have to ride my stroller again.  I didn’t know what happened after I saw Santa because I think I have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I saw our Christmas tree. I am already home.

Thank you Papa and Mama for bringing me to the mall to meet Santa. Thank you to my big sister also because even though she is scared of Santa, we had one great photo with him.  I will surely treasure that photo because it will still be a long time before I see him again. Mama said Santa only comes during Christmas and that I have to be very good so that I could see him.  I promised mama that I will be very good so I get to see him next time.  Thank you again Mama and Papa and big sister.  I love you.

– Thirdie


Santa and Me

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  May the coming year bring you good health, peace of mind, wealth and more blessings.  May the  lessons we learned from the challenges of 2012 be applied to the coming year.  May we continue to be kind to one another, tolerate each other. No more hate. Let peace reign in our hearts and that may God continue to be with us.

Cheers to another 365 days!

Christmas Photo with Santa



Hush Baby Please Don’t Cry

A very active and healthy 22 month old and 7 month old, how to survive the day!

I have shared here some of the proven and tested activities that have prevented my children’s meltdowns and or divert attention.

  1. Put on a CD and dance.  We do this every morning.  Baby on jumper, bobbing his head with the music while mama and toddler wiggle their hips.  Great way to start the start.  Happy music and some exercise.  I recommend those sing along children song. After a couple of songs and seeing mama wiggling and having fun, a grumpy toddler will sure start participating and having fun.
  2. Sing a familiar action song.  My daughter, the toddler loves to sing “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” and when baby is crying this song definitely stops the tears and soon you’ll see the smile.  My daughter loved saying “wrow” and doing the action.  Another favourite is “If you’re Happy and You Know It”.  This is a hit to both of my children.  My daughter loves the wiggling as I have changed the second verse to wiggling and almost always we don’t finish the song as she just wiggles away.
  3. Musical toys.  I still use musical toys to divert the attention of my toddler when she is having a spell.  She is still at that age that is intrigued by the sounds that comes out from a thing.  Though the attention span is not that long, it is still long enough to stop the crying.  And of course babies love anything that emits a sound or song while being touched or shaken.
  4. Read.  The colourful pictures captivates the attention of my baby and my toddler is having fun and learning at the same as she points and names objects, shapes, animals or letters.
  5. Bath.  This is only applicable to my toddler.  She likes water and really loved to play in one.  May it be water in a cup or the one in the bath.  She has stick-able foam alphabets that she loves playing with.
  6. TV.  I think there is no need to expound.  But I have to make sure though that it is on Treehouse otherwise the crying will start again. Apparently as I just noticed lately, this applies also to my baby boy.
  7. Youtube.  This is the last resort.  This will stop the tears and occupy her till whenever but the problem is when you take away the Playbook or iPhone, the tears is much much worse.

I know that there is still a lot of activities to be discovered but for now, the above list are a sure fire way to stop the tears and I’ll be sticking to them until  the day it stops working.

Playing with her brother's stuff.

Playing with her brother’s stuff.

Pictures. Read. Colours. Shapes. Letters and Numbers.

Pictures. Read. Colours. Shapes. Letters and Numbers.

Positive, NOT!

Positive, not!

Today is a very challenging day.  I am so stressed out.

Don’t you ever wish that there is a pause button in life so you can take a breather.  I have been wishing for that button the whole day.  I even wished for a rewind even for just a few seconds.

I questioned my sanity, my integrity.  

I kept praying for enlightenment. I kept asking for forgiveness.  I have no excuse to be this way for God has blessed me with so much and negativity has no place in my life.

I hope that by writing this and reading it out loud my spirits will be lifted.  I know that there is a reason for everything.

My heart is so heavy. I am angry. I am sad. Even my babies failed to comfort me.

I even backread my entries, the emptiness lingers.

I pray oh Lord that this is just for today.  I pray that you take my pain away.  I pray for strength.  I pray for peace.  



Update on Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) and Typhoon Washi (Sendong) Remembrance

I’m supposed to post an update from the Typhoon Bopha / Pablo but have been sidetracked by things and left it unfinished.

Anyway, two days after the typhoon hit my home town I was able to talk to my mother but before that I got a text from her and my sister with the news that everything is alright.  Our house remained standing after the signal #3.  According to my mom to spare herself from stress, she closed the windows and started cooking but she can hear the winds.  There were 6 reported fatalities.

On the other side of the island where typhoon made landfall, victims are still waiting for relief to come by.  Devastation, loss of life, source of  income and simply the way of living is as such that some people left, evacuate from their homes for good.  These people mostly come from Davao Oriental where livelihoods are from banana and coconut plantation.

Aside from an update from the typhoon, this is also serves as remembrance as  the 1st year anniversary of Typhoon Washi / Sendong that hit Mindanao especially Cagayan de Oro and Iligan last year.

I remember it, as if it only happened yesterday.  The horror of the images I saw from the people swept by the flashfloods will be forever etched in my memory.


Dear God

Dear God,

I have been amiss in my obligations as a Christian.  I have not been a good disciple for quite some time.  I have judged, cursed, used your name in vain and questioned my existence.  I am only but human, with its limitations and inadequacies.  

No matter how I have been, you still have gifted me with the most wonderful treasure, my children.  

I thank you dear Lord God for giving me the reason to go on living.  The reason to wake up each morning with a bright smile.  The wonderful treasures that you have given me is more than enough compensation for all the perceived hurts, heartaches that I went through to be in my position now.  

The treasures that you have entrusted me sometimes challenges me to a screaming point but a single tear drop that fall from their eyes is like a thousand daggers piercing my heart. No pain from betrayal, broken heart equates that.

Amongst our daily lives, good and bad things can happen.  And I not only thank you Lord for my children but also for keeping us safe.  My husband who works hard for us.  Our parents and our siblings.  Our extended families.  You have kept us in your bosom, safe and away from any harm.

With this I offer more prayers O Lord, for those people who are in the midst of turmoil, Syria, the Gaza strip, for all victims of atrocities, natural disasters and man made ones, people who’ve been involved and or affected by accidents and the tragedy that just happened in Newtown, Connecticut.  I know that what I have mentioned here is only a tiny speck as compared to the rest of the world and that there are a lot more things happening that we will never know.  I pray that You give them strength and they be comforted by your words.

With bowed head O Lord God I pray that you continue to be present in our daily lives.  That you keep us firmly in your loving arms.  I ask forgiveness for all of my sins.  I have no excuse not even that of being a human with free will.  

I am sorry and thank you.

Your daughter.



Newtown, Connecticut

There is no more words to be said for another senseless killing.

As a mother, I can never imagine the pain let alone the reality that there will be no more hugs and kisses from your little one.

I can only offer my prayer for all the victims of this tragedy.

My dad is gone from this world for 5 years now but still there are no words that can console me.  Time does not heal wounds, it only lessens its intensity.

To everybody affected, you are not alone.  The world is behind you in your grief.  Praying that God give you more strength. Hold on to your faith. Pray and believe.

To God be the glory!