How much is sleep.

Sleep is a luxury.

I need you but i can not afford you.  How much are you worth.  How much do I save to have you in my life?

Lamentations of a sleep deprived individual.

The  night terrors took a toll on my health and I have to ask my husband for help.

Just sleep you may say but imagine yourself sleeping for 4 to 5 hours WITH numerous interruption, cries in every corner of the room for more than a week then tell me how you feel.

I have to do a drastic change on everything. From food, tv down to bedtime.

Dinner is no longer by herself but mama. TV time is reduced to 30mins the whole day, iPhone/Playbook is also half hour. Bedtime is 8:00pm.

So far, it is working, night terrors is reduced to whimpers but now she is awake between 1 to 3am. Milk and some cuddles keeps her quiet. She watches the shadows on our window and listen to the sounds of the night and occassionally talks to mama. Plus she lets me attend to her brother without a sound from her.

And then the sleepless nights hit me like a ton of bricks. Headaches that almost feel like my head is splitting into two. That I cannot handle. I sent a message to my husband that I need to sleep and being a good husband, came home on his lunch break and cancel his night event and let me sleep as long as I want. But of course if you have a baby, the length of time of your rest and sleep depends solely on his tummy.

It was a scary experience and I have no plans of ever going through that again. What triggered the realization that I need help aside from the headache was that when I was carrying my son just to change his nappies, I almost dropped him because I was out of focus and out of balance.

So there you go, my babies wont grow up overnight and I will still have sleepless nights. Sleep will still be at a premium but at least now I know up to what im capable of and I definitely know how to ask for help before things gets out of hand