TS BOPHA / TS PABLO (Philippines)

My mother’s phone is not ringing so is my sister’s.

And all I can do is PRAY. And write.

Nature is synonymous with God.  They are one.  HE commands all things.

Our ancestral home is made of wood.  A typical Filipino house.  And it is typhoon signal  #3.

Kibawe is in the Province of Bukidnon, a landlocked province.  As far as I know and the history says so, our province was never been hit by a typhoon. Ever!

And that’s why I worry.  I have observed and been in a typhoon back in my university days in Manila, Philippines and no matter how or what category it is, it is pretty scary.  And our ancestral home is made of wood.

Ancestral home is as old as our eldest sister, 40plus years.  Signal #3, a house made of wood, a 40plus year old wood and I am at a loss for words.

I cannot even begin how to describe what I feel right now.  I have been trolling the net for any news at all but due to the winds, power lines been knocked down, internet is down, cellular signals gone kaput.

All I can do is pray. Pray hard.

I prayed hard and write things down to relieve my worries.  Praying that the Person up there would somehow relent and lower down the winds.

I am scared for my mom, my siblings, my community, my entire island of Mindanao.


Link on typhoon status. As reported on CNN.


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