Intersections and Pedestrians

Dear Vehicle Driver/Owner,

Hi. How are you? I do not think that you are having a good day. The weather is nice and there is not much traffic, that should make you happy.

Anyway, did you see me?  Did you see us?  I am the lady with the double stroller.  I had on a black coat same as everybody else is wearing.  It does not really matter what I am wearing but what is happening.

Are you in a hurry?  I was patiently waiting for the lights to change so we can cross the street but you cut us off.  I know you had the right of way (if you think it that way!), what with the special lane erh “turn right” anytime.

I was so scared as you were not there a few seconds ago.  I know and I remember to look left and right before we cross the street and yeah patiently waiting for the light to allow pedestrians to cross but still you cut us off.  You slowed down but stop right on the pedestrian lane.  In case you do not know what a pedestrian lane is, its that white rectangular painting you will see in almost every street stop.  It is there to allow us humans to safely walk the road just in case there are uneducated drivers like you.

So what we were you thinking really?  I saw you motioned for me to go, start crossing but you see YOU ARE BLOCKING THE WAY!  Thank you very much.  So yeah, what were you thinking?  Is that an ego thing? Is it a you and me against the world kind of thing?  You are in a moving vehicle, me, us, we are human.  A split second decision by you might be a life turning event for us.  Do you think you are superior and above us? Just because you are driving and us walking?  Sometimes your shiny car is enough to wreck havoc and confusion to people.  Do you believe in the 5-second rule?  It might apply to food but it wont apply to people’s lives.  That 5-second would be enough to hurt someone badly and change everybody’s way of life.

You might not be a bad driver per se, and there might just be too much in your mind right now.  You might have come off from a bad situation and you are not paying attention to your driving.  

But please please I am begging you.  Slow down when it says so.  Allow pedestrian to cross safely and most importantly pay attention to your surroundings.

Your inattentiveness no matter how short it is, is enough to break people’s heart and change lives.

Thank you for your time and drive safely.