Underarmour Shopping

“Protect this house.”

This is what underarmour stands for and I guess after experiencing their services, I will join the crowd and will protect them.

My husband’s been patronizing underarmour products for a couple of years now and I had the honor of buying his latest duffle bags and shirts.  Being a stay at home mom the only choice for me was to shop online.

Their website is very user friendly and graphics, images are great.  Background is black.  Models were mostly athletes.  As I was writing this, Georges St. Pierre(GSP), the UFC Welterweight Champion is on home page.  Currently they have a free standard shipping promo and no minimum purchase required.  But  at the time I did my shopping, they have a free shipping for purchases over $75.

Have a I said that their products were great?  The stitches on their duffel bags are very fine and the materials used are just awesome.  Shirts were great too.  Their products are aimed for athletes who led very active lives.  Shirts/tanks, pants/shorts both comes in cold and heat gear.  We haven’t tested the cold gear yet as it is not yet that cold in where we live but the shirts aimed for summer is great.

As any online shopper can attest, problems on items delivery often arose and mine was not excluded.  Since our apartment building has a dedicated telephone company that provides buzzer and which we do not subscribed too, I had a huge problem at hand.  On few products deliveries depending on shipping companies I arranged for store pick ups.  In this case, that can not be so.  For your information underarmour uses Fedex as their shipping partner. And I learned that they do  not provide store pick up for “ground” deliveries, meaning it is either I wait for them to show up at our front door or arranged it to be delivered in another address. (Ground deliveries are those that were transported via trucks or other ground vehicles.)   I arranged to have the items delivered to another address by calling Fedex and since I still have a couple of items to be delivered I asked to have the address change of that products as well.  And customer service said that I have to talk to underarmour itself so as to avoid paying any charges. And so I did.

I like them.

The underarmour customer representatives are great.  Very respectful and polite.  I have talked to a lot of customer representatives, from government agencies to banks and by experience I can detect those who talk nicely because they have to and those people who really are nice.  And that they are. You can hear the inflections of their voices, they are happy in what they do.  So to cut the story short, I was able to change address and was never charged for it.  And at the end of the conversation I commended them for their patience and for being so gracious.

All in all my online shopping experience with underarmour is great, their product is very durable and well made, costumer support is awesome.  I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

By the way, they accept paypal.

Happy Shopping!


Homepage desktop view via Samsung galaxy siii.