Positive, NOT!

Positive, not!

Today is a very challenging day.  I am so stressed out.

Don’t you ever wish that there is a pause button in life so you can take a breather.  I have been wishing for that button the whole day.  I even wished for a rewind even for just a few seconds.

I questioned my sanity, my integrity.  

I kept praying for enlightenment. I kept asking for forgiveness.  I have no excuse to be this way for God has blessed me with so much and negativity has no place in my life.

I hope that by writing this and reading it out loud my spirits will be lifted.  I know that there is a reason for everything.

My heart is so heavy. I am angry. I am sad. Even my babies failed to comfort me.

I even backread my entries, the emptiness lingers.

I pray oh Lord that this is just for today.  I pray that you take my pain away.  I pray for strength.  I pray for peace.  




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