Death and Christmas

I am supposed to write a happy Christmas story but the sad news that I just learnt forever changed my memory of this year’s Christmas.

A friend just lost a loved one.  Today of all days.

Death and Christmas. Christmas and death.

She can never experience the joy of being a mother and a little miracle taken at her/his weakest moment.  I can only but give her a virtual hug.  Send her our virtual sympathy.  Technology can never replace the human touch in times of death nor birth.

I am so sorry for her loss.

An angel gone too soon and a mother forever grieving.

Death and Christmas should never be together.


3 thoughts on “Death and Christmas

  1. The Christmas story you wrote was exactly the right one. You did quite well in expressing yourself via technology. Please pass my care along to your friend. Dan King Sr, Hospice Chaplain, Dublin, GA

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