My Daughter, The Toddler

My daughter, the toddler has just discovered the disadvantages of having a baby brother.

It breaks my heart every single time she cries her disapproval when I carry or feed her brother.  The sound of alarm when she hears her baby brother cry.  And the sheer terror in her face when I breastfeed.

Everything is hers. The high chair. The toys. The bed. Papa. But most especially mama.

The worst thing you want to hear in the middle of a busy day is your kid to start whining. And she has it in spades.

The situation has come to a point where she would wake up in the middle of the night crying her heart out and the only thing that can quite her down is for mama to carry her/ cuddle her.

The situation is very difficult to address as I don’t really have concrete evidence that she is whining and crying because of her brother or that because her papa is home and she is just lapping up the attention of two parents.  The holiday season most definitely made a mark in our family.

For now, I have resigned myself to some sleepless nights and shortened TV time.  It would take up the better part of this month in assessing and reading up on materials, and talking to parents like me who has been in my situation, to look for possible remedy.



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