Terrible Two’s?

Terrible Two’s.  One of the most write upon topic by parents.

In case you have no idea what is “Terrible Two’s”, it is the stage where your child starts to develop his/her brain, tests her independence but most especially it is the stage where children would start questioning mama/papa’s rules.

Their favourite word is NO. No. No. No.

To count the No’s I hear during the day would be tantamount to counting the commercials in my favourite TV show.  It is that bad.

Top this situation with a baby brother, you have a pending world war 3, every single day in your living room. A battle of wills and usually she wins because mama just can’t stand the whining.

The situation was amusing at first, when she started showing her independence.  For a first time parent to a toddler, communicating in her limited vocabulary is a lesson like no other.  We learned to understand her okay’s, her cici’s and her neighhehey. Completing a task with her is a source of a big celebration of high-fives.  Playtime has become a one big story time, with colors, letters, numbers and shapes.  We were ecstatic.

And then she discovered NO, and what it means.

Nowadays, everything is a no. From breakfast cereals to nap time.  From lunch to bed time.  The only bright thing to look forward too is the bedtime routine that we have.  The prayers and the songs that I will sing to them.  Every time I sing, she moves beside me on our bed and just want to be cuddled.  Singing calms her but not only her, it calms me too.

For now, the “Terrible Two’s” is just starting and it is not that crazy yet.  There are some days that we get a respite from all of the NO’s and she acts as my docile baby whom you just want to cuddle.

I know we still have a long way to go. This is just a start of many.

But I am praying that no matter how terrible she will be in her aim for independence from now, ’til she’s older, she will not feel anything other than our love for her and how precious she is to us.


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