My Relationship with Baby Products

Nowadays, production of any baby related product is one big, profit generating commercial venture.  But I will primarily talk about different baby products not necessarily organic based which was brought to my attention by my friend.

She has commented that my children does not smell as good as any other babies.  And so the mother in me reacted, as much the same way as a Mommy Tiger defending her cubs.  So the conversation goes like this.

Friend: Your baby girl does not smell like a baby at all.

Me: Really? So what does she smells like?

Friend:  Uhm, nothing. No smell at all.

Me: You mean to say she smells like sweat?

Friend: Kinda.

Me: Oh that’s okay.  I much prefer it that way than any other smell.

Friend:  Why don’t you put baby powder on her or baby lotion?

Me: Seriously you have to ask this?

Friend: Yeah. She’d have that cute smell, blah blah blah.

And her explanation goes on and on.  On my part, I gather all my patience and explained to her why and I said:

Indeed my baby will smell good but have you taken into account what goes on in there to make it smell that good?  You take a second and read what’s in the back label of any baby product and you’ll see in tiny print “perfume/parfum”, so why will I make my child use perfume when I, myself do not use one.  It is a generic name and nobody will know what was in it aside from the perfume, there are other ingredients that have very complicated names so I guess they are compounds.  Compounds from what? The only compound I trust is water (H2O) and salt (NaCl).

I’d rather have my babies smelling less appealing than putting things on their skin that I know nothing about. And also it is my duty as their mother, to limit their exposure to harmful chemicals while they’re still under my watchful eye, for when they get older and start practising their independence, then at that time they can use anything they perceived to be right for them.

I have defended my stand much more than I liked to but you can never convince them otherwise, if the product has been used for generations and no harm has been reported.  But as far as I am concerned, any unpronounceable ingredient is a big no-no.


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