Baby Olympics

Do you know what is baby olympics?  Do you have any idea how some parent would feel after that unsolicited “my baby can stand on her own at 7months,  how about yours?” Statement.

Oftentimes we get so wrapped up with our little one’s accomplishments that we just blabber away to anyone who is willing and the not so willing to listen disregarding the fact that you are borderline to being offensive. We forgot that they are parents as well and that their child or children is of the same age as yours.

Welcome to baby olympics.

In my case, after a bout of baby olympics with some parent I get so paranoid that my child is not hitting her milestones that I get to a frenzy which I termed as “google crazed.” Reading up on volumes upon volumes of search results most often than not left me more worried and paranoid, than I first started.

To save my sanity, I don’t talk about her milestones or accomplishments instead I regale friends with her individuality, of how she takes care of her sibling.

For us her parents, she takes the top honor in every category and milestone that has ever existed.


She’s 23 months. Recognize her letters and their ascendancy, knows the different colors and shapes . She can count from 1 to 10 as well.

Baby olympics, eh?


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