Toronto Weather

Finally I can see the end of this gloomy winter.

Everybody is at the end of his rope.  Just a few days ago, mother nature drop another 10 cm of wet snow and unknowingly husband walk blind out that morning.  He was rushing out as he was about to miss his bus.  When I woke up around 7:00am read his text message of how miserable he was.  His shoes were wet, soaked to the socks and he missed his bus.

Bus stop, 4:00am, -15 and wet shoes.

The moment he got home, he asked me  “Did you know that its going to be snowing today and tomorrow?” and I said yeah.  Snow was steadily falling last night when I went to bed so I checked if there is an active weather and yes, there is for the next 2 days.  Sorry forgot to tell you that.

While he was cleaning his shoes, he asked out aloud, “When is winter going to be over? I have enough of it already.”

Yes indeed, I asked myself that too.  When will winter be over.  I badly needed sunshine and I am literally counting the days and everyday checking the ground to see if the accumulated snow is starting to melt.  No and no.  Snow is still on the ground and we are above seasonal.

Today while we were in the living room and kiddies were playing on the floor, my toddler started saying “tweet, tweet.”  I said “Oh! bird lovelove?” and she said “Biwd, okay?” and points outside.  When I listen closely, I can actually hear the bird tweeting and I utter my thanksgiving to the creator.  He really knows how to cheer up somebody.

Bird tweeting heralds the arrival of spring and sunshine and fun games outdoors.

I am one excited mommy.  Finally my kiddies and I can enjoy the outdoors as we used too.

Thank you Lord.



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