Weddings, International

To have and to hold. Till death do us part.

This would be a simple guide on getting married, international edition.

So how one gets married in Toronto may it be Church or civil rites (city hall marriage!).

  1. Apply for a marriage license.  Application form can be found here.  After filling up the form online you have to print it out and bring to City Hall or your Civic centres and pay the fees.  Marriage license is valid for 3 months after the day of issue. 
  2. Set up reservations to the wedding chamber.  Wedding chambers are operated by  Upon setting up reservations to the wedding chamber you have to pay half and the other half on the day of the wedding. They provide music, flowers and the officiant.  You are responsible for you witnesses.

To save time and money you can arrive early for an hour or so, proceed to pay your application for marriage license and then just go directly to the wedding chambers to have your ceremony.  After the wedding you will be given a Record of Solemnization of Marriage.  You can apply for the Marriage Certificate after 6 to 8 weeks on the day of the wedding.

So, that’s settled.  Marriage ceremony is over now your are officially and formally a Mr and Mrs of so and so.

You may have wonder why I have to write about Toronto weddings, it is for the reason that a very good friend have asked the favour and I need to know it as well.   There ‘s still a lot more information that I could have added but the websites provides all the information that you may need plus you can give them a call if you need clarification.

Another reason why I have to write this is for those immigrants like me, who found their significant others abroad especially here in Toronto, that getting married here first is the best option.  If you are planning  to have a church wedding in the Philippines, it is best to get married here first and have the church ceremonies in the Philippines for your convenience.  Setting up and applying for marriage license in the Philippines takes a lot of time (10 days to be exact) plus you have to attend seminars both from LCR/DSWD and from the church.  If you don’t have the luxury of time then I suggest this.

According to my research, you can have the ceremony here and submit your marriage certificate to the Philippine Consulate nearest you.  Now you are not only married in Canada but also in the Philippines.  So to arrange a church wedding, you can show your marriage certificate from the consulate and depending to the availability of your parish priest, you are good to go!

Best wishes my friend!


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