Celeste, The Two Year Old

I have been saying all along that our beloved toddler is a picky eater and now that she’s two I can finally give her some supplements.

Going through the supplements section in the pharmacy left me  with a headache. I am telling you there is A LOT to choose from.  Being a meticulous mother that I am (im sure all mothers are!) I went through all the different kinds of childrens vitamins.   Read the ingredients and the list of vitamins and minerals like I have all the time in the world.  I finally settled on 1-A-Day Flintstones Gummy Bears. I started giving it to her the day after she turned two and she likes it. A lot. I have resorted to hiding the bottle and put a reminder on my phone to make me remember. Apparently she likes it a lot that she’d climbed the dining table just to get the “yummy”.

Aside from that we have decided that it is the time to wean her from her “cici” (pacifier.) A few sleepless nights, middle of the nights meltdowns, naptime crying jags and some hugs asking for “cici”.  We are almost there.  I can see the finish line.

To avoid tempting her, I have also taken it away from our 10month old.  Our little boy uses it only if big sis is not around.

These and more makes up the story of our two year old.  I love that she is communicating well. She’s picking up words left and right. Has established her own morning routine: kiss mama, say hi to Thirdie, hand mama the diaper and look for the bird outside the window.  Pretty soon she’ll be asking to go out to meet friends.

Ah beautiful toddler. How boring mama and papa’s life would have been.

I love you. Don’t grow too fast on me.

Thank you Lord for our daughter!



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