Food, Diabetes and Me

Having been diagnosed to have Gestational Diabetes when I had my second child, it changed my food landscape for forever.  Coming from a family that has history of asthma and high blood pressure, the addition of diabetes to the mix is a no-no.

Here in Canada, the “sugar” test is mandatory for every pregnant woman.  Especially for women in certain age( i.e. 35 and above) and race.  According to their statistics Asians and Latinos are much more prone to develope gestational diabetes and 34 or 35 years old and older women has a high percentage of developing one.

So being Asian and 34 years, no wonder that my little old tummy decided to process sugar slowly than usual.  I had to undergo a drastic change on the way that I approached food and eating.  Scared of developing a big baby and getting all those complications, I went on a some sort of a diet.  If you have been pregnant, you can definitely relate about dieting.

I underwent a diabetic class and been given all these reading materials about the how, when and why of Gestational Diabetes.  And aside from that my dietitian showed me how to use the test strips, to test my blood sugar after eating.  The first week alone I have 3 overlimits which when I saw my endocrinologist told me that I can’t have that score.  My score should be not higher than 6.7.  Through the succeeding weeks, I failed miserably.  It may not be every other meal but i still failed.  I have to have a serious talk with myself before it all sink in.  This is not for me.  This is for my unborn child.  Whatever sacrifices I have to do is all for the greater good.   After another consultation with my care team, I was told to really lay off from carbohydrates and other starchy food otherwise they will have to recommend an Insulin for me.  Oh another wake up call.  And this time I really have to watch what I eat.

Pregnant and caring for a soon to be toddler is a challenged that I really would not recommend unless you have a strong constitution.  You see, my husband and I,we  do no have immediate family members around.  It is just us.  I do have a cousin but she lives far from us and has work too.  To cut the story short, my son and I survived the pregnancy and gestational diabetes. There were complications but  I do not want to revisit the memories of our hospital stay so let’s just say, we were fine then and 10 months later we are still fine, not only fine but we are thriving.

Upon advice of my diabetic team, I have to have a blood sugar test by my son’s 4th month and so I did.  The diabetes is totally gone from my system but I am a part of statistics that are at-risk to develop Type 2 diabetes.

Ten months and 2 days later my eating habit is still far from ideal but I am getting there.  I slowly and painstakingly am shedding few pounds.  I try to be very diligent in my exercise routine.  I say “try” because with 2 kiddies nothing is set in stone.

Living healthy is my mission.  I want to grow old with my husband.  I want to see my children have their own respective families some day.  I still want to visit and consequently retire in my hometown in the Philippines.


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