Tests, Examinations

Life is like a test. There is a multiple choice, enumeration, essay and fill in the blanks.

I choose to answer first the multiple choice.  Every morning when you wake up, you can choose either to be happy or sad.  And everyday I choose to wake up happy.  No matter what happened during the night.  I may grumble a bit but eventually when consciousness kicks in, so does the happiness. The happiness that God deemed me worthy enough to have another day to spend with my children and my husband.  Another day to enjoy life’s blessings.  But this is not always so.  There will always be days that I’ll wake up miserable no matter how my kiddies or my husband tries to make me smile. But still it was my choice and I stand by it.

Another part of the test is enumeration.  Counting off the graces and blessings that I received from God. The immeasurable joys that I get each and every day with my children and the unfathomable love that I have for my family and God.

Essay.  My favorite part.  I get to ramble on and on and on and on of everything and anything under the sun.  Sometimes I might dwell on one specific topic for the rest of the day, week or month but oftentimes, it changes by the minute or hour.

And lastly, the fill in the blanks.  No other explanation just fill in the blanks.  I get to start the sentence and you just fill in the blanks.  People who knew me or claimed to know me might be able to give a near to or a correct answer.  But there is no right or wrong.  For the answers depends entirely on your perception of me. The same applies on reverse. You can start the ball rolling and let me finish the sentence.

Everyday is a test.  Either we pass or fail but no matter what we just got to live life the way we see it best.


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