It is Done!

It is done! The deed is done!

Today will forever be special.

Time stood still as memories of the years past flashes by and realized that one was created for one specific person.  Indeed there is a right time for us.

We were born miles apart from each other.  Each took a different path but an almost parallel life.

Grew up to be entirely separate but synchronized.  Each had been hurt, broken and left bleeding not only once but a lot times.

A cynic. A libertine. An opposing poles but entirely similar.

Gambler. Thinker. Risk taker.

May we have done it backwards but I am glad.

Glad that it is over. Glad that now it is complete.

The questions will be muted.

The reason has sufficed and everything is in perspective.

Somebody might not be happy but everybody is ecstatic.

The planets might have aligned for us years ago, but it is only now that the papers have been signed and pictures have been taken.

The evidence will never be contested.

I am yours as you are mine.

And we are mighty fine.


The Day!

The Day!


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