Today is a Spring Day!

Today I saw Ms. Spring.

I talked to her. Held her in my arms and whispered thanks.  I also admonished her for taking so  long to arrive.

My children had fun in the warm weather.  Although Mr. Sun did not show himself that much, still it was a good day to be out.

There was a wee bit of wind but it was manageable.  My daughter kept on sticking her tongue out the entire time the wind was whipping her vests.  She kept holding her hair as if her tiny hands can prevent her hair from slipping on its bun.  These all happens while my son was sleeping.

Oh well, I guess having one kid enjoying one spring day is good enough, for there`ll be some more to come and eventually my son would be the one telling mama to hurry up so we can get out.

Thank you Lord.




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