Death and Christmas

I am supposed to write a happy Christmas story but the sad news that I just learnt forever changed my memory of this year’s Christmas.

A friend just lost a loved one.  Today of all days.

Death and Christmas. Christmas and death.

She can never experience the joy of being a mother and a little miracle taken at her/his weakest moment.  I can only but give her a virtual hug.  Send her our virtual sympathy.  Technology can never replace the human touch in times of death nor birth.

I am so sorry for her loss.

An angel gone too soon and a mother forever grieving.

Death and Christmas should never be together.



Advent is here. Nativity. Christmas.

Season of festive joy. Strangers talking, sharing a smile. Tree trimmings. Gift giving.

Hearing Christmas carols brings an extra spring to your step. Cashiers still nice even in an overly long working hours.

This Christmas is the first of many for our  little family.  We are complete sans extended family back in Philippines. Our first “big” tree is up. And the gifts is ready.  Holiday portraits done and all the other things is being taken cared of.

The only thing left to do is wait. We wait with bated breath.  We wait with joy in our hearts.  We repent and ask for forgiveness.  Christ our saviour is coming.  And HE is coming for us.

Christmas is about renewal of our beliefs.  Every year Christ’s birth is almost always being reenacted and watching it filled my heart with joy.  The birth of a child more so the Messiah is of a momentous event and have to be celebrated.  With thanksgiving in our hearts we sing our praises.

With this we pray for many many more years and some answer to prayers as we start our own little tradition in our own little family.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.