Mine. My Property!

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Are you awake?

Are you awake?
Are you lucid?

Do you hear the water?
Water dropping with a rhythm?

Were you startled?
Startled with the wind?

Wind lashing your window blinds?
A siren call in the middle of the night?

Are you numb?
Are you numb from the cold?

Do you hear that sound?
Tick tocks and chimes around?

A door slams.
A phone rings.
Cars tooting.
Mothers shushing.

Are you awake?

It is Done!

It is done! The deed is done!

Today will forever be special.

Time stood still as memories of the years past flashes by and realized that one was created for one specific person.  Indeed there is a right time for us.

We were born miles apart from each other.  Each took a different path but an almost parallel life.

Grew up to be entirely separate but synchronized.  Each had been hurt, broken and left bleeding not only once but a lot times.

A cynic. A libertine. An opposing poles but entirely similar.

Gambler. Thinker. Risk taker.

May we have done it backwards but I am glad.

Glad that it is over. Glad that now it is complete.

The questions will be muted.

The reason has sufficed and everything is in perspective.

Somebody might not be happy but everybody is ecstatic.

The planets might have aligned for us years ago, but it is only now that the papers have been signed and pictures have been taken.

The evidence will never be contested.

I am yours as you are mine.

And we are mighty fine.


The Day!

The Day!

Today is a Spring Day!

Today I saw Ms. Spring.

I talked to her. Held her in my arms and whispered thanks.  I also admonished her for taking so  long to arrive.

My children had fun in the warm weather.  Although Mr. Sun did not show himself that much, still it was a good day to be out.

There was a wee bit of wind but it was manageable.  My daughter kept on sticking her tongue out the entire time the wind was whipping her vests.  She kept holding her hair as if her tiny hands can prevent her hair from slipping on its bun.  These all happens while my son was sleeping.

Oh well, I guess having one kid enjoying one spring day is good enough, for there`ll be some more to come and eventually my son would be the one telling mama to hurry up so we can get out.

Thank you Lord.



July 2011

July 2011

We were young once, and will remain young. For with smiles we retain the beauty of what was once lost. Forever etched in memory worth a thousand times over. Sometimes life knocks us around and leave us lying on the ground bleeding but hold on and stand up for with love what once a broken piece can be made whole again. Yes there are cracks but cracks gives it character!