It is by far my favorite season but the most difficult to dress for, especially if you have kids or babies like me.

The day would start bright and sunny and tease you with its warmth that may or may not compel you to leave home with just a light jacket.  After a couple of hours of that much loved sunshine, weather would change dramatically that suddenly it is so chilly and the wind is biting that you’d wish you have a portable heater with you.

My solution is bringing bulky and comfy blankies and the ever reliable stroller cover. Blankies can be folded and kept in the baggy underneath the stroller. Cover works for rain, snow and tjose biting, cold winds.  I made sure that I have the most reliable one by buying from the same company as that of my stroller maker.  With those in hand, our little family especially my toddler had so much fun outside.

Running around with all the leaves on the grass, touching the grass and just being out and enjoying day.

A perfect day for my baby girl.