Happy Birthday Adorable Toddler

Happy Birthday to our adorable toddler Celeste.

It seems like only yesterday when mama and papa heard your first cry.  We were ecstatic to finally be able to hold you and talk to you.

Oh how time flies.

Now, with your big sister smile, you continue to amaze us with how good you are to your brother.  Mama and papa never dreamed to be blessed with such a wonderful human being.

You continue to surprise us with your smart ways. Knowing your letters, your numbers.  Your ability to have an adult conversation with mama and papa.

Thank you for letting us experience the world through your eyes.  For letting us discover again the wonder and joy derived from just counting the stars and the rose petals.  For letting us rediscover our inner child.  We know that without you, life would be so dull.

You are two now, with a 2 year old temperament and a 2 year old curiosity. Just a day over your birthday and you are picking words out of thin air.  Your vocabulary is expanding like crazy and mama has to really pay attention on what comes out from her mouth.

I can’t wait for you to grow up some more.  I can’t wait to show your photographs from years past and your first ever themed birthday party.  The “wow” that we heard when you first saw your birthday cake and especially the wonder in your eyes when you had a bite of Mickey mouse’s head.  Mama and papa and baby brother is very proud of you.

We love you baby girl and thank you so much for letting us become parents to you.

Thank you Lord for our daughter.  May you continue to be present in her life for eternity.



Lemme meme you!


Yes i know. I owe you bigtime. When ate turned 6 months, she had a cupcake and a candle.

Sorry baby boy, mama got side tracked what with your colds and everything else.

Dont worry mama and papa will throw a big 1 year old party for you coz you know it would be summertime.  Don’t tell ate Macey but her birthday is on the coldest month ever teehee.

I love you baby boy.