Help me Lord to overcome anger and fill my heart with love instead.   The negativity is too much that it is affecting my relationship with my children.  Help me Oh Lord that I may rise above this emotion. I raise to you Oh Lord my worries. You are the master of my fate, the driver of my life. Into your hands I rest my future.

-Thank you Lord for you really answer our prayers in the least expected way.  Thy will be done Oh Lord.


I Pray, I Give Thanks

Dear God,

I am sorry for my sins.

Forgive me for every cuss words that I have uttered, for every malice filled coversation that I had, and placing my name first above yours.

Thank you for giving me strength, for giving me the chance to celebrate life everyday.  Thank you for my husband and my babies.  Thank you for my family, friends and enemies.  Thank you for keeping us safe all the time.

I pray Lord God for peace. Peace in my heart and peace to the whole wide world.  I pray for strength to wake up each day with a smile. I pray for patience Oh Lord.  I pray for good health and good relationship for our family and extended family,  friends and enemies alike.

I pray Papa God that You continue to live in our hearts. That Your unending love and blessings be with us always.

Thank you Mama Mary for giving us your son.

I love you Lord and goodnight.



Dear God

Dear God,

I have been amiss in my obligations as a Christian.  I have not been a good disciple for quite some time.  I have judged, cursed, used your name in vain and questioned my existence.  I am only but human, with its limitations and inadequacies.  

No matter how I have been, you still have gifted me with the most wonderful treasure, my children.  

I thank you dear Lord God for giving me the reason to go on living.  The reason to wake up each morning with a bright smile.  The wonderful treasures that you have given me is more than enough compensation for all the perceived hurts, heartaches that I went through to be in my position now.  

The treasures that you have entrusted me sometimes challenges me to a screaming point but a single tear drop that fall from their eyes is like a thousand daggers piercing my heart. No pain from betrayal, broken heart equates that.

Amongst our daily lives, good and bad things can happen.  And I not only thank you Lord for my children but also for keeping us safe.  My husband who works hard for us.  Our parents and our siblings.  Our extended families.  You have kept us in your bosom, safe and away from any harm.

With this I offer more prayers O Lord, for those people who are in the midst of turmoil, Syria, the Gaza strip, for all victims of atrocities, natural disasters and man made ones, people who’ve been involved and or affected by accidents and the tragedy that just happened in Newtown, Connecticut.  I know that what I have mentioned here is only a tiny speck as compared to the rest of the world and that there are a lot more things happening that we will never know.  I pray that You give them strength and they be comforted by your words.

With bowed head O Lord God I pray that you continue to be present in our daily lives.  That you keep us firmly in your loving arms.  I ask forgiveness for all of my sins.  I have no excuse not even that of being a human with free will.  

I am sorry and thank you.

Your daughter.




Advent is here. Nativity. Christmas.

Season of festive joy. Strangers talking, sharing a smile. Tree trimmings. Gift giving.

Hearing Christmas carols brings an extra spring to your step. Cashiers still nice even in an overly long working hours.

This Christmas is the first of many for our  little family.  We are complete sans extended family back in Philippines. Our first “big” tree is up. And the gifts is ready.  Holiday portraits done and all the other things is being taken cared of.

The only thing left to do is wait. We wait with bated breath.  We wait with joy in our hearts.  We repent and ask for forgiveness.  Christ our saviour is coming.  And HE is coming for us.

Christmas is about renewal of our beliefs.  Every year Christ’s birth is almost always being reenacted and watching it filled my heart with joy.  The birth of a child more so the Messiah is of a momentous event and have to be celebrated.  With thanksgiving in our hearts we sing our praises.

With this we pray for many many more years and some answer to prayers as we start our own little tradition in our own little family.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.




Is it Cold Outside?

Woke up with the rain on the window glass. Great! Just great!

Our weather is one big rollercoaster ride.  We’ve seen a couple of days of winter like conditions and today is another thing altogether.

The constant weather change drives me crazy.  Planning trips outside becomes an ordeal not really knowing what to expect the next day.  There are days that the weather men got it right but there are also days that they are wrong, very very wrong.

It has become my habit of checking the weather for the next day before I go to bed so I can plan ahead on what time can we go out and where are we going.  Since we live on a low rise apartment building, there is no really dedicated play area for kids so we have to go out in a nearby park to play that mostly caters to toddlers and babies.

Back to the weather, it caused us a family day today.  Husband and kiddos were unable to go to church as it was pouring.  When we have decided that mama will just go to church by herself, the rain tapered off to a drizzle. Uhm, thank you.

Anyway, going to church by myself is something that I cherished before when I was single but today, it was an eye opener.  Without my babies and my husband with me,  I felt so lonely and my arms so empty.  I pretty much wants to go home but the mass has just barely begun.

If you’ve seen a person just bowing her head the entire time, that probably is me.

So as mass nearing its end, I queued up near the door and just stand there to wait for the final blessings.  I can go home ahead of the final blessing but apparently going to mass not listening or waiting for the final blessing is like eating without having a drink of water or soda at the end of the meal.  Still I ended up being the first out of the church, right behind the priest on his recessional.

Out I go and the rain’s back.  

But as what we always say, every little thing is a blessing, so I guess it is God’s way of reminding people that rain must not be an excuse to not go attend mass.