DIY – My First Prayer Booklet

It’s been a couple of weeks now that my daughter does not want to pray with us.  As our bedtime routine apart from the bedtime stories, Angel of God is a big part of it and now every time we start doing the sign of the cross, a prelude to the actual prayer, she starts screaming.  To make her interested again I am making this Do-It-Yourself prayer booklet.

I am using MS Word for the lay out as I am much more adept in it than, say Publisher and the angel images that I used are all from the internet, so credit goes to whomever drew these wonderful angel colouring images.

I have been at it since this morning and so far I have 75% success rate.

75% Success

75% Success

Above is a screen capture using MS Word Snipping Tool.  I used a 2 column lay out  and plan on just cutting it half and  using a yarn to sew the edge and make a little book.  I thought that yarn is colourful and will make it more attractive to my 2 year old but I remembered how much fun she had untangling the balloon string from where we tied it, so change of plans.  Now I have to redo the lay out and make it so in a way that I will just fold it to form the little booklet.  So here’s to another hour of lay outing.  Skills are a bit rusty so it is taking a long time. Whew~

angel screencap_final

The above image is what I ended up printing.  Considering the fact that my 2 year old won’t really have any idea on the aesthetic, let alone that 2 column lay out that I made, I opt for this one- whole page print out.  Bigger pictures, more space to colour, much more fun.




This Time Five Years Ago

This time 5 year ago. My first glimpse of Canada. An immigrant.  Looking forward to the great opportunity, that of becoming a Canadian citizen.I

Looking back to that day, I almost didn’t recognize that skinny wide eyed girl. Scared stiff and cold.

I first step on Canada soil in Vancouver International Airport. Uhm, not really soil per se as it is cement but you know what I mean.  Vancouver, how can I forget you.  The memory of me cowering in the corner trying to appear as small as possible, eating a much needed lunch and maintaining a semblance of control when all I wanted to do is curl up and cry.

Alone. In an airport. In a city. Transient.  Who still has to check in for her connecting flight to Toronto. Jet lagged.

Considering that before that almost nervous break down, I faced a very stern looking Canadian Border Officer, I can say I survived Vancouver and seems like Toronto as well.

Five years to the day and thriving.

The experience has taught me a lot about myself and about other people as well. I have learned lessons both in good and bad way.  I have met people that left me with nothing and I have met people that have given me so much as well.  But the most gratifying experience of all and the most memorable is meeting my future husband and consequently giving birth to 2 beautiful human beings.

I took a very circuitous way in migrating to Canada and not the most ideal but the best part was knowing that I took a risk and succeeded in the end.

I used to look upon those who take a job less desirable than what they are used too but not anymore.  The past 7 years or so of my life is the testament that it is not only your upbringing nor your education that will make you a success but it takes a lot of guts, of courage to overcome obstacle, to lower your standards from time to time to achieve your dream, to reach your goals and to always have faith that everything will be alright.

I guess my position now as a stay at home mom is a reward for that arduous journey that I made.  I will be forever thankful to the people that has been part of my journey. To my family, my relatives and friends. And to Papa God for never leaving my side.

And to the one person who believed in me but never able to see the fruit of my labour, thank you Papang Pilo.  I know you are with Papa God now and I know also that you are watching over me, my family and the rest of your children.  Thank you for instilling in us the courage to journey to the unknown.

Five years. One husband. Two beautiful children.

Life is good.  You only have to believe in yourself. Believe in God.

Thank you.




The familiar brings comfort and sometimes it is the main reason why we are in a rut. Fear of the unknown stops us. Letting go of fear, replacing it with God’s words of affirmation is more than enough comfort. Be brave. Be bold. Explore the world. Be a disciple by living your life. In God’s perfect time, everything will be alright. Amen.

Prayer and Faith


Truly, God works in mysterious ways. It is beyond comprehension, beyond compare.

No matter how random and unstructured one’s prayer it does not matter for God hears all.

There is a reason for every heartbreak, every trial, and every crossroad.

Thank you Lord for everything.

To God be the glory.




Help me Lord to overcome anger and fill my heart with love instead.   The negativity is too much that it is affecting my relationship with my children.  Help me Oh Lord that I may rise above this emotion. I raise to you Oh Lord my worries. You are the master of my fate, the driver of my life. Into your hands I rest my future.

-Thank you Lord for you really answer our prayers in the least expected way.  Thy will be done Oh Lord.

I Pray, I Give Thanks

Dear God,

I am sorry for my sins.

Forgive me for every cuss words that I have uttered, for every malice filled coversation that I had, and placing my name first above yours.

Thank you for giving me strength, for giving me the chance to celebrate life everyday.  Thank you for my husband and my babies.  Thank you for my family, friends and enemies.  Thank you for keeping us safe all the time.

I pray Lord God for peace. Peace in my heart and peace to the whole wide world.  I pray for strength to wake up each day with a smile. I pray for patience Oh Lord.  I pray for good health and good relationship for our family and extended family,  friends and enemies alike.

I pray Papa God that You continue to live in our hearts. That Your unending love and blessings be with us always.

Thank you Mama Mary for giving us your son.

I love you Lord and goodnight.