This Time Five Years Ago

This time 5 year ago. My first glimpse of Canada. An immigrant.  Looking forward to the great opportunity, that of becoming a Canadian citizen.I

Looking back to that day, I almost didn’t recognize that skinny wide eyed girl. Scared stiff and cold.

I first step on Canada soil in Vancouver International Airport. Uhm, not really soil per se as it is cement but you know what I mean.  Vancouver, how can I forget you.  The memory of me cowering in the corner trying to appear as small as possible, eating a much needed lunch and maintaining a semblance of control when all I wanted to do is curl up and cry.

Alone. In an airport. In a city. Transient.  Who still has to check in for her connecting flight to Toronto. Jet lagged.

Considering that before that almost nervous break down, I faced a very stern looking Canadian Border Officer, I can say I survived Vancouver and seems like Toronto as well.

Five years to the day and thriving.

The experience has taught me a lot about myself and about other people as well. I have learned lessons both in good and bad way.  I have met people that left me with nothing and I have met people that have given me so much as well.  But the most gratifying experience of all and the most memorable is meeting my future husband and consequently giving birth to 2 beautiful human beings.

I took a very circuitous way in migrating to Canada and not the most ideal but the best part was knowing that I took a risk and succeeded in the end.

I used to look upon those who take a job less desirable than what they are used too but not anymore.  The past 7 years or so of my life is the testament that it is not only your upbringing nor your education that will make you a success but it takes a lot of guts, of courage to overcome obstacle, to lower your standards from time to time to achieve your dream, to reach your goals and to always have faith that everything will be alright.

I guess my position now as a stay at home mom is a reward for that arduous journey that I made.  I will be forever thankful to the people that has been part of my journey. To my family, my relatives and friends. And to Papa God for never leaving my side.

And to the one person who believed in me but never able to see the fruit of my labour, thank you Papang Pilo.  I know you are with Papa God now and I know also that you are watching over me, my family and the rest of your children.  Thank you for instilling in us the courage to journey to the unknown.

Five years. One husband. Two beautiful children.

Life is good.  You only have to believe in yourself. Believe in God.

Thank you.




Advent is here. Nativity. Christmas.

Season of festive joy. Strangers talking, sharing a smile. Tree trimmings. Gift giving.

Hearing Christmas carols brings an extra spring to your step. Cashiers still nice even in an overly long working hours.

This Christmas is the first of many for our  little family.  We are complete sans extended family back in Philippines. Our first “big” tree is up. And the gifts is ready.  Holiday portraits done and all the other things is being taken cared of.

The only thing left to do is wait. We wait with bated breath.  We wait with joy in our hearts.  We repent and ask for forgiveness.  Christ our saviour is coming.  And HE is coming for us.

Christmas is about renewal of our beliefs.  Every year Christ’s birth is almost always being reenacted and watching it filled my heart with joy.  The birth of a child more so the Messiah is of a momentous event and have to be celebrated.  With thanksgiving in our hearts we sing our praises.

With this we pray for many many more years and some answer to prayers as we start our own little tradition in our own little family.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.




My Sister, Work At Home Mom Tech Junkie

I have siblings and I am proud of them.

Our age gap is such that you’d know the fourth and fifth baby of the family is like an afterthought. I am the fourth child and by that time my third sister is 6 years old. Everybody would have thought that they’re done with 3 kids but fortunately for me, they decided to have 1 more.

The sister before me is my biggest fan so to speak. She got me started on oDesk and Elance and learned a lot from her. She is the one pushing me to start writing again. She is my proofreader, editor and inspiration at the same time. She inspires me as no other. With our 12/13 hours time difference, my days is her nights. Anytime I check gtalk or skype at any time of my day, I could see her. I often starts my day saying goodevening to her and she would just be able to say hi and thats it. She’s busy working on whatever project and for whomever client is she working for. Around 12, I made it a point to check on her not necessarily sending IM but if she’s still around, I’d be telling her to go get some sleep. There are days that I get replies like “sisterette, deadline!” and ill leave her alone knowing how the time tracking on oDesk works.

She’s a stay at home mom with 4 kids and she is brilliant in what she does. Aside from the regular stuff that she does, she sprouts techy words like a priest to his sermon. She taught herself to code. She has all this terms that makes me scramble for google and search. And she is updated to every new and up and coming innovations on technology.

After proofreading any client related article writing that I do, she’d tell me that she wished she has a gift for words and I always answer her that each one of us has been designed to have her own niche in this world. I love to write, she likes her techy stuff. And we are each other’s biggest fans.

I love her and proud of her. She is my sister.


Sunday and fun day?

Sunday, Church day and family day. Its Sunday and there’s an unspoken rule in our household that mama can slept in, and so I did. Unfortunately some(little)body demanded mama’s undivided attention and there goes my extra sleep, flew out the window. I’m so used to our baby boy’s coos and babbles when he wakes up that a change in his routine forced me to get up and check on him. The moment he saw me the tears stop but still no smile. Well of course baby’s dont cry without any reason whatsoever and found out after I checked him that he is very wet and badly needed a change. Well of course as I am really not that awake yet (coffee fix please) I dilly dallied and my, can my baby boy cry. While his issues is being resolved big sis is busy having breakfast and bonding with papa over “Octonauts”. Really, TV, really! And there goes my TV rule. Though the bonding over TV happens every time papa is home, it still drives me crazy. Coffee, bath, flurry of clothes and diaper change, milk and we are ready for church. Today is not our usual Sunday family day as papa have to go to work. He works for a catering company and i guess they are pretty busy as he has to go work even on his off days. So we went to church and baby boy drifted off to dreamland during gospel. His first time to sleep during mass. I wonder if the guest Priest voice sounded like a lullaby to him. Uhm people might wonder why a whole post about church, well actually we live just opposite the church so it is a big deal to us. 🙂 And so the day winds down to naps, lunch, another Octonauts, Toopy and Binoo and news and never ending play time. Dinner was take away. Mama is too lazy today 😉 to cook something (well, hello! It is my off day :D). Finally Supernatural and kiddos bedtime. Another day to thank God for.