It’s only Monday Morning…

I asked my husband what day is today and he said, “it’s Wednesday.”

I stopped what i’m doing and just stared at him numb and mumbling.

Wednesday and I still have the after effects of sleepless Monday night.

Monday – my baby boy’s 6th month well child visit and the dreaded needle.

The day started just fine with everybody waking up in a good mood and rarin to start the week right. A cup of coffee and a bagel later, the chaos started.  Big sister decided to not eat breakfast, which is just a slice of cheese to begin with, and proceeded to start whining for TV. Papa gave her a banana and bless her heart ate it and after 2 bites gave it to me to finish. And the whining started again, this time for the keys, TV forgotten. Keys in hand and change of nappies and clothes, intermittent crying(dropped keys), shoes and her world is a better place again.

Disaster averted.

And our little family is finally out and on our way to the paediatricians.

After a 15 minute bus ride and on time for our appointment for once, waited for our turn.

Two patients and 20minutes later my baby boy is dressed down, lying on examination table, crying his lungs out as he hates the cold and being poked and touched, poor thing.

Wonder why heater’s not on.

Verdict was great.  Everything is fine, growing and developing perfectly. Huzzah!

A needle and another bout of crying then off we go.

Another bus ride and a test for my patience.

Don’t you just love it when you get on the bus and everybody is solicitous and make your life and theirs easier by moving back, tucking feet underneath the seats and or just basically clearing a way for you and your stroller to pass through – uhm THIS IS NOT THAT DAY!

The exact opposite happened and I am so near at telling the lady to just moved it but a good sane person I am (it might be the bagel!) Kept quite and waited it out. And poor bus driver announced on PA to please moved back and to allow people to pass, I can almost smell the bus driver, that’s how close i am to the door. Freeze frame, NOBODY moved. And lady mumbled “i’m off in the next stop” and there’s queue of 5 people plus a double stroller, aaahhh *smh*. By the way, that next stop she’s saying is our stop as well. I can only imagibe the collective sigh of relief when we got off. LOL.

After a show of stair climbing from our toddler we are finally home.

Lunch, milk and nap.

Peace and quite.

For now.