Baby Girl, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Every little thing that our baby girl does is a wonder to us. When she learned to hold her toes every time she hears “Head and Shoulders..” I marvelled as I never taught her that. Indeed babies learned by repeatedly doing songs and actions. The joy of knowing that my baby girl is starting to learn through action songs encouraged me more to continue what I have been doing so far. Her actions validated us , as parents, that we are doing great.

Though we both like interacting with our daughter through playing , singing and dancing, we still have our favourite time of the day and that is breakfast time.

It is the only time that Mommy’s got to share what’s on her plate.  We both loved toast with cheese, yoghurt and banana.  It is mommy’s favourite feeding time since she’s at the stage that she is not that full nor that hungry and not that distracted. So baby enjoyed the food instead of it becoming an ordeal as sometimes what happens with lunch when she wants to gets down to the floor to play instead of eat.

She likes to feed herself, I guess that’s  why she likes cheese that much. She likes picking up those cheese cubes and toast that I put in her tray.  She likes practising her independence and we are very glad about it. 


My Sister, Work At Home Mom Tech Junkie

I have siblings and I am proud of them.

Our age gap is such that you’d know the fourth and fifth baby of the family is like an afterthought. I am the fourth child and by that time my third sister is 6 years old. Everybody would have thought that they’re done with 3 kids but fortunately for me, they decided to have 1 more.

The sister before me is my biggest fan so to speak. She got me started on oDesk and Elance and learned a lot from her. She is the one pushing me to start writing again. She is my proofreader, editor and inspiration at the same time. She inspires me as no other. With our 12/13 hours time difference, my days is her nights. Anytime I check gtalk or skype at any time of my day, I could see her. I often starts my day saying goodevening to her and she would just be able to say hi and thats it. She’s busy working on whatever project and for whomever client is she working for. Around 12, I made it a point to check on her not necessarily sending IM but if she’s still around, I’d be telling her to go get some sleep. There are days that I get replies like “sisterette, deadline!” and ill leave her alone knowing how the time tracking on oDesk works.

She’s a stay at home mom with 4 kids and she is brilliant in what she does. Aside from the regular stuff that she does, she sprouts techy words like a priest to his sermon. She taught herself to code. She has all this terms that makes me scramble for google and search. And she is updated to every new and up and coming innovations on technology.

After proofreading any client related article writing that I do, she’d tell me that she wished she has a gift for words and I always answer her that each one of us has been designed to have her own niche in this world. I love to write, she likes her techy stuff. And we are each other’s biggest fans.

I love her and proud of her. She is my sister.


Good morning Saturday!


This is how mama start her day!

No matter how swamped we feel from life, let us take time to appreciate each other.

With 2 kids and a crazy event schedule of my husband, sometimes the only bonding we get is through texts, conversation like this.

It doesn’t take much of our time but the smile would last through the day.

Appreciation and affirmation, key ingredients to a blissful life.



You may annoy me and you can surely make me scream like a shrew in anger, but the little things that you do to show how much you appreciate me is more than enough compensation for all of those.

I love you and I thank God everyday for letting me messed up my life so badly so that eventually I may meet you.

Thank you hubby! I love you!