Context of me!


Counting the days,
Crossing out all the greys.

Clock ticking
Rhyme with the knitting.

Are we there yet?
Have you cast the net?

Oh It is near
And My bones are a shiverin.

Mama said it should have been
Sibling said it might have been.

And I,

I have jump in.

With eyes wide open
The ball start rollin.
And Let there be union.



Good morning Saturday!


This is how mama start her day!

No matter how swamped we feel from life, let us take time to appreciate each other.

With 2 kids and a crazy event schedule of my husband, sometimes the only bonding we get is through texts, conversation like this.

It doesn’t take much of our time but the smile would last through the day.

Appreciation and affirmation, key ingredients to a blissful life.