Are you awake?

Are you awake?
Are you lucid?

Do you hear the water?
Water dropping with a rhythm?

Were you startled?
Startled with the wind?

Wind lashing your window blinds?
A siren call in the middle of the night?

Are you numb?
Are you numb from the cold?

Do you hear that sound?
Tick tocks and chimes around?

A door slams.
A phone rings.
Cars tooting.
Mothers shushing.

Are you awake?



The sun is out
Weather is great
Mama just looking out
Miserable and beat.

Days have turn to nights
And nights to days
On all her lonesome
Struggling to be fit.

This and that
The why’s and what
The thing you most want
Never say you can’t.


I am a mother first
And a wife second.

A sibling first
And a daughter second.

My trust is given
My respect is earned.

I talk
I gossip.

I cry
I grieve.

Friends come
Some Friends may go
Some stayed true.

I learn
I forgive.

Everything has a reason
All is in a season.

Or Fall
Let it be a season for all.

Work! What?

A bane to few
A boon to many
Mine is both
As a SAHM would say.

A dilly dally kind of day
Filled with laughter and sun
I reckon this
A day worthy in the category of fun.

As the sun sets
Mama gets busy
Dinner and baths
Kiddies were happy.

As I put my babies to sleep
A memory sprung
Drop dead deep
Hands wrung.

Oh deadline.
A forgotten deadline.

Scrambled to write
Research, read and write.
Minds all askew
Looking for the right thing to do.

Of all the things to happen
Laptop stop workin.
Oh how fate twists and turns
Giving up room for boons.

Context of me!


Counting the days,
Crossing out all the greys.

Clock ticking
Rhyme with the knitting.

Are we there yet?
Have you cast the net?

Oh It is near
And My bones are a shiverin.

Mama said it should have been
Sibling said it might have been.

And I,

I have jump in.

With eyes wide open
The ball start rollin.
And Let there be union.


My Boys of Summer

Winter is over
And Spring has sprung.
My boys of summer
Back from where they’ve gone.

News are abuzz
Few men dared predict
My boys of summer
Rarin to go and a simmer.

Opening day
With pompoms on hand
Decked out centre
Fans and band

Opening night
Loud and noisy
Armed with pizza, hotdogs and beer
Only One of many
Sat on his seat quietly.

Players on field
Prayers a fieldin
A grandma can be seen smilin
Generations of fans
Chanting, yelling and screamin.

And I.

On my lonesome.
Cheered my boys of summer
With TV blaring
I rejoice their coming.

My boys of summer is back.
And what a fine day is that.


Photo credits MLB.


I woke up sweaty,
No one bothered to check on me.

Pillows wet from my tears
Blankets tangled up in my ears.

Did you ever bother asking me what happened?
All you did is make me appear sullen, and bummed.

I am but a child.

I am your daughter,
Just like my sister.
But are you really my mother?

I was sick and tired,
Tired and sick.
A burning hole in my chest.

I beg for mercy.
I cried for help.
Nothing but a darkened street.

I dreamed.
I escaped.
Tangled vines still creeped.

Roots that are far reaching,
Stop me from moving.


Made a tidy pile of options.