Holiday Pictures 101

Christmas is almost upon us and mama is rushing to get the presents and kiddos christmas photos.

Last year’s pictures was easy as there is only one child to consider.  I could have it any way I want it.  

This year I decided to do it again by myself. Boy oh boy, was it stressful. 

My babies dressed on their Sunday’s best was seated on an office chair with their favourite Charity bear.

It was a disaster.

Started out just fine big sis smiling while I positioned them in such a way that baby boy wont fall off the chair. Some crappy pictures later, I decided to give my daughter something to amuse her while i get busy taking solo shots of my son. And if only I have the power of foresight, I would have known how the “something” in this case a playbook would trigger the meltdown. Tantrums, whining or call it whatever you like, it is as annoying as nail on a chalkboard.

Lessons learned? Never attempt without another adult or two. One to take pictures, one to coax that smile and one to hold / support the kids.

DIY Christmas portraits:
-Samsung galaxy siii camera “burst” setting
-Sony point and shoot
-white background sheet
-chair (couch)



Updated entry.


Instagram and what have you!

Instagram and me.

I love it.

With hundreds if not thousands of write ups, reviews and other type of commentary about instagram, mine would be lost amongst it.  But let me tell you still my story.

I am not among the first user of instagram, nor would be the last but I love every single picture that I have posted on it.

Its primary use to people I guess is posting extraordinary shots of the sky, clouds, sunset or food but for me it is a diary of sorts.

In our digital world, it is very easy for us to take photo of anything especially of our loved ones but we procrastinate on having it printed or we do not print it at all.  Most have a thousand pictures saved in their hard drives and me as well and It is here where instagram come into play.

With 2 kids, a toddler and a baby,  almost all activities is documented. From breakfast up to play time before sleeping at night.  At the end of the day, I choose one or two pictures of my kids, editing it and then post.

Now that I have posted it on instagram, it is easy access for me.  If and when I decided to print my pictures, I have my instagram pictures as reference to who, when and why of it.

Aside from being a diary of sorts to me, it also serves as a medium to post my opinion on anything in image form.

By using hashtags i.e. #proudmom or #pride I allow other users not only my followers to see, like or comment on my picture.


My take on Add Watermark App Free

It took me reading another image theft or using another person’s image without asking permission before I decided to look for ways to watermark my own pictures.

I am only an amateur photographer and most of my photos are of my children and other family members but since I upload them to the internet, it makes me want to mark them.  I am not really concerned with photo theft but I am most concerned with inappropriate use of my pictures.

There are a couple of free applications on Google Play that allows you to mark/edit your photos but I like the “Add Watermark” app.

The app that i’m using is free and there is some limitations but it serves its purpose.  The only noticiable difference from the paid, full version for me is the use of your own image as watermark and the automatic sharing of your photos.

The app has a very good and user friendly interface. You can edit old photos or take a new picture and put watermark.  The general setting is where you can edit your image or in my case I can edit the text which ill be using as watermark.  It allows you to edit the font, color, shadow among others. The text option also allows you to use “placeholders” e.g. date, filepath or time etc.  Clicking back button brings you to “home” where you can edit the watermark placement, size and also there is a rotate function. The finished product can be saved in the app itself or to a custom folder.

The only downside is you have to do it manually but having it for free does not make it as big as an issue as to when i have to pay for it.