Monsters and Bogeymen

The world is sleeping,
Mr. Moon is up.

Your scream, pierced the night so quiet!

Bogeyman, monsters, and creepy crawlies made you shoot right up.

Mama and her trusty stead rode to the night.
Slaying your dragons with might.

As you stop shaking,
And Bella’s comforting warmth.

All rights in your world,
Little one sleep tight.




Long through the night.
Darkness creeps in,
Swallowing the light.

Shadows dances,
On walls like puppets.

Hear the siren call.
Midnight the witching hour.

Mind playing tricks.
Darkness invading souls of poets.

Long through the night.
Reaching out comfort.
Out of grasp, hand out stretched.

Dark soul emerges.
Conquering the stuttering light.