Are you awake?

Are you awake?
Are you lucid?

Do you hear the water?
Water dropping with a rhythm?

Were you startled?
Startled with the wind?

Wind lashing your window blinds?
A siren call in the middle of the night?

Are you numb?
Are you numb from the cold?

Do you hear that sound?
Tick tocks and chimes around?

A door slams.
A phone rings.
Cars tooting.
Mothers shushing.

Are you awake?


Work! What?

A bane to few
A boon to many
Mine is both
As a SAHM would say.

A dilly dally kind of day
Filled with laughter and sun
I reckon this
A day worthy in the category of fun.

As the sun sets
Mama gets busy
Dinner and baths
Kiddies were happy.

As I put my babies to sleep
A memory sprung
Drop dead deep
Hands wrung.

Oh deadline.
A forgotten deadline.

Scrambled to write
Research, read and write.
Minds all askew
Looking for the right thing to do.

Of all the things to happen
Laptop stop workin.
Oh how fate twists and turns
Giving up room for boons.

Context of me!


Counting the days,
Crossing out all the greys.

Clock ticking
Rhyme with the knitting.

Are we there yet?
Have you cast the net?

Oh It is near
And My bones are a shiverin.

Mama said it should have been
Sibling said it might have been.

And I,

I have jump in.

With eyes wide open
The ball start rollin.
And Let there be union.



I woke up sweaty,
No one bothered to check on me.

Pillows wet from my tears
Blankets tangled up in my ears.

Did you ever bother asking me what happened?
All you did is make me appear sullen, and bummed.

I am but a child.

I am your daughter,
Just like my sister.
But are you really my mother?

I was sick and tired,
Tired and sick.
A burning hole in my chest.

I beg for mercy.
I cried for help.
Nothing but a darkened street.

I dreamed.
I escaped.
Tangled vines still creeped.

Roots that are far reaching,
Stop me from moving.


Made a tidy pile of options.


Monsters and Bogeymen

The world is sleeping,
Mr. Moon is up.

Your scream, pierced the night so quiet!

Bogeyman, monsters, and creepy crawlies made you shoot right up.

Mama and her trusty stead rode to the night.
Slaying your dragons with might.

As you stop shaking,
And Bella’s comforting warmth.

All rights in your world,
Little one sleep tight.



Long through the night.
Darkness creeps in,
Swallowing the light.

Shadows dances,
On walls like puppets.

Hear the siren call.
Midnight the witching hour.

Mind playing tricks.
Darkness invading souls of poets.

Long through the night.
Reaching out comfort.
Out of grasp, hand out stretched.

Dark soul emerges.
Conquering the stuttering light.


Babies dream?

I stand beside your crib
Watching you breath.

The rise and fall of your chest
Comfort at its best.

I saw you smile, squints and grunts
You might be chasing your little butterflies
I envy your peace
If only mama can join you in your happy place.

I look upon your sister
Hugging blankie so tight
Lying On top of her pillow grunting and laughing
Together on your meadow
Having fun, Chasing your shadow.

As i lay tonight
I thank the Lord
Not only for myself
But for all the folks

Tomorrow is another day
To bring honor to life
Most precious of gifts
And giving thanks is my right.

Words and Me!


Words that forms sentences.
Sentences that turns into paragraphs.
They describe.
They tell stories.

I love them.
Fascinated by them.

I read.

And I write. I write a lot.

I get to play with words.
I describe things.
I tell stories.
I affirm life.
I promote peace.
I show my love.

It has been and always will be.