The familiar brings comfort and sometimes it is the main reason why we are in a rut. Fear of the unknown stops us. Letting go of fear, replacing it with God’s words of affirmation is more than enough comfort. Be brave. Be bold. Explore the world. Be a disciple by living your life. In God’s perfect time, everything will be alright. Amen.


Prayer and Faith


Truly, God works in mysterious ways. It is beyond comprehension, beyond compare.

No matter how random and unstructured one’s prayer it does not matter for God hears all.

There is a reason for every heartbreak, every trial, and every crossroad.

Thank you Lord for everything.

To God be the glory.


I Pray, I Give Thanks

Dear God,

I am sorry for my sins.

Forgive me for every cuss words that I have uttered, for every malice filled coversation that I had, and placing my name first above yours.

Thank you for giving me strength, for giving me the chance to celebrate life everyday.  Thank you for my husband and my babies.  Thank you for my family, friends and enemies.  Thank you for keeping us safe all the time.

I pray Lord God for peace. Peace in my heart and peace to the whole wide world.  I pray for strength to wake up each day with a smile. I pray for patience Oh Lord.  I pray for good health and good relationship for our family and extended family,  friends and enemies alike.

I pray Papa God that You continue to live in our hearts. That Your unending love and blessings be with us always.

Thank you Mama Mary for giving us your son.

I love you Lord and goodnight.



Sad and Alone

Be thankful of what you have.  The trials are mere reminders that you are human and prone to human failings.

Whatever you are going through it is by far better, than what others are up against with.

Life is but a journey and being at the stage of your life now, it is journey worth having.

Whatever “wrongs” you have done in the past, it is but in the PAST!  There is NOW, the present, that you can right everything.  Wallowing in past mistakes will not make your present a better one but rather a bitter one.

You may not have much to speak of, but I bet when you die, a lot of people will say, “tsk, tsk!  Taken too soon!”

Being sad, feeling alone is but fleeting.  Read.  Watch TV. If everything else fails, why not pray?

Do not accept failure.  Do  not accept negativity.

When rejection hits like a ton of bricks, accept it but rise above the emotion.  YOU are a much better person that they perceived you to be.

Don’t let the negativity ruin the light in your eyes.  There is much more better options out there than what has been presented to you.

Your environment does not define you.  Reach out.  There is a lot of opportunities out there and it takes only your belief in yourself to come out a winner.

Love yourself and laugh.  You may not able to do it now, but with practice it will come naturally.

Finally, be kind! It’s free.



Newtown, Connecticut

There is no more words to be said for another senseless killing.

As a mother, I can never imagine the pain let alone the reality that there will be no more hugs and kisses from your little one.

I can only offer my prayer for all the victims of this tragedy.

My dad is gone from this world for 5 years now but still there are no words that can console me.  Time does not heal wounds, it only lessens its intensity.

To everybody affected, you are not alone.  The world is behind you in your grief.  Praying that God give you more strength. Hold on to your faith. Pray and believe.

To God be the glory!