I have Two Hands



Work! What?

A bane to few
A boon to many
Mine is both
As a SAHM would say.

A dilly dally kind of day
Filled with laughter and sun
I reckon this
A day worthy in the category of fun.

As the sun sets
Mama gets busy
Dinner and baths
Kiddies were happy.

As I put my babies to sleep
A memory sprung
Drop dead deep
Hands wrung.

Oh deadline.
A forgotten deadline.

Scrambled to write
Research, read and write.
Minds all askew
Looking for the right thing to do.

Of all the things to happen
Laptop stop workin.
Oh how fate twists and turns
Giving up room for boons.

Good Morning?

Time check is 4:19am. Good morning.

The night routine started fine. We had a very late dinner because our dear Papa had an outside work event to work for.

***Let me just clarify that what we termed a late night is 10:00 to 12:00mn.

Dinner done, off to cleaning up the kiddies and tidying up the kitchen and whatnots.

We were in bed by 11:00 and our daughter has to put all her dollies and stuffed animals to sleep first before we can pray and sing and unwind.

By 12:30 we were all fast asleep when I heard the first sign of what my night  erh dawn would be like. Daughter whimpers. The kind of whimpering that has a lot of gas.

She went back to sleep without much fuss.

1:45 am and it begun. She cried, that kind of cry where fat tears continually rolls down the cheeks. She has  stuffy nose. Son woke up and screamed and cried his protest. Total chaos at 1:55am.

While I was attending to my daughter who just wont stop crying, Papa is so busy shushing his son. Well of course as expected didn’t stop crying until I carried him as well. 2:00am and 2 kids in my arms, CRYING their eyes out.

Son and daughter decided to stop crying for a bit. Hand the son to a very sleepy Papa, the tears started flowing again. Mama off to get milk for sis.  Back to bed, all is at peace. Gave milk and coryzalia and some Vicks vaporub to daughter and son the pacifier.

Ah peace and quiet. Sleep. NOT!

I got up and sat in front of my mini work station in our bedroom and I have been awake since then. I did some VA work, answered some emails, applied to a job advert, read some more emails and research a website where I will be doing an article soon.

Went back to bed. Closed eyes for 15 minutes or so. Nothing.

Switched on phone and wrote this. It’s 4:41am. And in a few minutes i’ll hear hubby’s alarm which by the way was outside. He moved to the couch so he can get some sleep. Poor papa. :(.

So whomever thought that motherhood is easy, I say think again.

It does and will not stop, you know! 🙂

Thanks for being with me. Good morning again. As soon as this post is up, I will be switching off phone and start counting sheeps.

No sleep? You a Mom?

24 Hours, At Home

Yes I am home all day and has no income to speak of, so do you have a problem with that?

Let me just describe a 24 hour period of my life and let us start at 6:00 pm.

6:00 pm – Naptime for the the little boy.

7:00 pm – cook and/or feed Big sis.

7:30 pm – wake son and give him dinner.

8:00 pm – clean up big sis and get her ready for bedtime.

8:00 to 9:00 pm – Mama dinner

9:00 to whenever my daughter deemed it the right time for her sleep – bedtime routine

11:00 pm give or take a few minutes – wash dishes, bottles and clean up living room.

12:00 to whenever Mama’s done with whatever work back log she has.

1:30 to whenever insomnia has had enough with me. I sleep.

3:00 am – milk or something.

4:30 am – my husband is up and is getting ready for work.  It is either I am too zonked out to say bye or still up because of Mr. Insomnia.

6:00 am – milk or something.

7:45 am – son stirring. sleep.

8:00 to 9:30 am – bleary eyed. In bed. either just playing with kiddos or kiddos just woke up. It really does not matter what comes first as usually when son stirred at 7:45, big sis wakes up.

10:00 am – breakfast. Mama do some online work.

11:00 to 1:00 pm  – playtime or TV time depending on mama’s stress level for the day. Mama tries hard to do some more work.

1:30 to 4:00 pm – naptime. tidy up. eat lunch.

4:00 to 6:00 pm – play time/TV time.

So my friend that’s how my regular day looks like. It does seems like I do not accomplish anything. It seems like what I do all day is just sit and watch my kiddies and that’s like nothing.

I stay home all day. No income.

Thank you for noticing my inadequacies.



Sorry, Can’t Talk. I’m Busy!

Stay at home moms seems to have the easiest job in the world, or so you thought.

We don’t do much except take care of our kids. Yeah, right!  Ninety nine percent of our time is spent on making sure that our children is safe. That 99% also includes, playtime, feeding, naptime and a grocery run. Factor in the messy house, laundry and cooking dinner.

We do catch a break from time to time, especially when my kids take their nap together. But this much needed break is spent either eating or just sitting down and try to catch up on DVR’ed mommy shows.

After roughly 3 years, my friends have finally figured out why I don’t pick up calls.

I am busy. With my children. With my husband.

I say to everybody that if it is really important, send SMS. I will definitely see your message and reply. That reply though, depending on the time, might stay unsent till kiddos naptime .

Except my husband’s, all calls will not be answered from 1:00 -4:00pm, because that’s the ME time. From time to time, I would like to eat lunch and drink coffee without reheating three times.

So yes, stay at home mom are pretty busy but I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.