Is it Cold Outside?

Woke up with the rain on the window glass. Great! Just great!

Our weather is one big rollercoaster ride.  We’ve seen a couple of days of winter like conditions and today is another thing altogether.

The constant weather change drives me crazy.  Planning trips outside becomes an ordeal not really knowing what to expect the next day.  There are days that the weather men got it right but there are also days that they are wrong, very very wrong.

It has become my habit of checking the weather for the next day before I go to bed so I can plan ahead on what time can we go out and where are we going.  Since we live on a low rise apartment building, there is no really dedicated play area for kids so we have to go out in a nearby park to play that mostly caters to toddlers and babies.

Back to the weather, it caused us a family day today.  Husband and kiddos were unable to go to church as it was pouring.  When we have decided that mama will just go to church by herself, the rain tapered off to a drizzle. Uhm, thank you.

Anyway, going to church by myself is something that I cherished before when I was single but today, it was an eye opener.  Without my babies and my husband with me,  I felt so lonely and my arms so empty.  I pretty much wants to go home but the mass has just barely begun.

If you’ve seen a person just bowing her head the entire time, that probably is me.

So as mass nearing its end, I queued up near the door and just stand there to wait for the final blessings.  I can go home ahead of the final blessing but apparently going to mass not listening or waiting for the final blessing is like eating without having a drink of water or soda at the end of the meal.  Still I ended up being the first out of the church, right behind the priest on his recessional.

Out I go and the rain’s back.  

But as what we always say, every little thing is a blessing, so I guess it is God’s way of reminding people that rain must not be an excuse to not go attend mass.



Sunday and fun day?

Sunday, Church day and family day. Its Sunday and there’s an unspoken rule in our household that mama can slept in, and so I did. Unfortunately some(little)body demanded mama’s undivided attention and there goes my extra sleep, flew out the window. I’m so used to our baby boy’s coos and babbles when he wakes up that a change in his routine forced me to get up and check on him. The moment he saw me the tears stop but still no smile. Well of course baby’s dont cry without any reason whatsoever and found out after I checked him that he is very wet and badly needed a change. Well of course as I am really not that awake yet (coffee fix please) I dilly dallied and my, can my baby boy cry. While his issues is being resolved big sis is busy having breakfast and bonding with papa over “Octonauts”. Really, TV, really! And there goes my TV rule. Though the bonding over TV happens every time papa is home, it still drives me crazy. Coffee, bath, flurry of clothes and diaper change, milk and we are ready for church. Today is not our usual Sunday family day as papa have to go to work. He works for a catering company and i guess they are pretty busy as he has to go work even on his off days. So we went to church and baby boy drifted off to dreamland during gospel. His first time to sleep during mass. I wonder if the guest Priest voice sounded like a lullaby to him. Uhm people might wonder why a whole post about church, well actually we live just opposite the church so it is a big deal to us. 🙂 And so the day winds down to naps, lunch, another Octonauts, Toopy and Binoo and news and never ending play time. Dinner was take away. Mama is too lazy today 😉 to cook something (well, hello! It is my off day :D). Finally Supernatural and kiddos bedtime. Another day to thank God for.