I have Two Hands



It’s A Dance off!

How lovely to see my 10 month old dance. He can’t walk nor stand on his without support yet but man, can he dance and do some fancy foot work. A little bit later big sis did some “Hot Dog, Hot Dog..” dance then started twirling and thus our Papa quips “Oh no! You want to study ballet?” Haha.

Daughter is barely 25 months and son is almost 11 months but I can see that our life would be one big happy dance.

I love you my lovelies. Mama is so proud of you!

DIY – My First Prayer Booklet

It’s been a couple of weeks now that my daughter does not want to pray with us.  As our bedtime routine apart from the bedtime stories, Angel of God is a big part of it and now every time we start doing the sign of the cross, a prelude to the actual prayer, she starts screaming.  To make her interested again I am making this Do-It-Yourself prayer booklet.

I am using MS Word for the lay out as I am much more adept in it than, say Publisher and the angel images that I used are all from the internet, so credit goes to whomever drew these wonderful angel colouring images.

I have been at it since this morning and so far I have 75% success rate.

75% Success

75% Success

Above is a screen capture using MS Word Snipping Tool.  I used a 2 column lay out  and plan on just cutting it half and  using a yarn to sew the edge and make a little book.  I thought that yarn is colourful and will make it more attractive to my 2 year old but I remembered how much fun she had untangling the balloon string from where we tied it, so change of plans.  Now I have to redo the lay out and make it so in a way that I will just fold it to form the little booklet.  So here’s to another hour of lay outing.  Skills are a bit rusty so it is taking a long time. Whew~

angel screencap_final

The above image is what I ended up printing.  Considering the fact that my 2 year old won’t really have any idea on the aesthetic, let alone that 2 column lay out that I made, I opt for this one- whole page print out.  Bigger pictures, more space to colour, much more fun.



Celeste, The Two Year Old

I have been saying all along that our beloved toddler is a picky eater and now that she’s two I can finally give her some supplements.

Going through the supplements section in the pharmacy left me  with a headache. I am telling you there is A LOT to choose from.  Being a meticulous mother that I am (im sure all mothers are!) I went through all the different kinds of childrens vitamins.   Read the ingredients and the list of vitamins and minerals like I have all the time in the world.  I finally settled on 1-A-Day Flintstones Gummy Bears. I started giving it to her the day after she turned two and she likes it. A lot. I have resorted to hiding the bottle and put a reminder on my phone to make me remember. Apparently she likes it a lot that she’d climbed the dining table just to get the “yummy”.

Aside from that we have decided that it is the time to wean her from her “cici” (pacifier.) A few sleepless nights, middle of the nights meltdowns, naptime crying jags and some hugs asking for “cici”.  We are almost there.  I can see the finish line.

To avoid tempting her, I have also taken it away from our 10month old.  Our little boy uses it only if big sis is not around.

These and more makes up the story of our two year old.  I love that she is communicating well. She’s picking up words left and right. Has established her own morning routine: kiss mama, say hi to Thirdie, hand mama the diaper and look for the bird outside the window.  Pretty soon she’ll be asking to go out to meet friends.

Ah beautiful toddler. How boring mama and papa’s life would have been.

I love you. Don’t grow too fast on me.

Thank you Lord for our daughter!


Monsters and Bogeymen

The world is sleeping,
Mr. Moon is up.

Your scream, pierced the night so quiet!

Bogeyman, monsters, and creepy crawlies made you shoot right up.

Mama and her trusty stead rode to the night.
Slaying your dragons with might.

As you stop shaking,
And Bella’s comforting warmth.

All rights in your world,
Little one sleep tight.


Terrible Two’s?

Terrible Two’s.  One of the most write upon topic by parents.

In case you have no idea what is “Terrible Two’s”, it is the stage where your child starts to develop his/her brain, tests her independence but most especially it is the stage where children would start questioning mama/papa’s rules.

Their favourite word is NO. No. No. No.

To count the No’s I hear during the day would be tantamount to counting the commercials in my favourite TV show.  It is that bad.

Top this situation with a baby brother, you have a pending world war 3, every single day in your living room. A battle of wills and usually she wins because mama just can’t stand the whining.

The situation was amusing at first, when she started showing her independence.  For a first time parent to a toddler, communicating in her limited vocabulary is a lesson like no other.  We learned to understand her okay’s, her cici’s and her neighhehey. Completing a task with her is a source of a big celebration of high-fives.  Playtime has become a one big story time, with colors, letters, numbers and shapes.  We were ecstatic.

And then she discovered NO, and what it means.

Nowadays, everything is a no. From breakfast cereals to nap time.  From lunch to bed time.  The only bright thing to look forward too is the bedtime routine that we have.  The prayers and the songs that I will sing to them.  Every time I sing, she moves beside me on our bed and just want to be cuddled.  Singing calms her but not only her, it calms me too.

For now, the “Terrible Two’s” is just starting and it is not that crazy yet.  There are some days that we get a respite from all of the NO’s and she acts as my docile baby whom you just want to cuddle.

I know we still have a long way to go. This is just a start of many.

But I am praying that no matter how terrible she will be in her aim for independence from now, ’til she’s older, she will not feel anything other than our love for her and how precious she is to us.

My Daughter, The Toddler

My daughter, the toddler has just discovered the disadvantages of having a baby brother.

It breaks my heart every single time she cries her disapproval when I carry or feed her brother.  The sound of alarm when she hears her baby brother cry.  And the sheer terror in her face when I breastfeed.

Everything is hers. The high chair. The toys. The bed. Papa. But most especially mama.

The worst thing you want to hear in the middle of a busy day is your kid to start whining. And she has it in spades.

The situation has come to a point where she would wake up in the middle of the night crying her heart out and the only thing that can quite her down is for mama to carry her/ cuddle her.

The situation is very difficult to address as I don’t really have concrete evidence that she is whining and crying because of her brother or that because her papa is home and she is just lapping up the attention of two parents.  The holiday season most definitely made a mark in our family.

For now, I have resigned myself to some sleepless nights and shortened TV time.  It would take up the better part of this month in assessing and reading up on materials, and talking to parents like me who has been in my situation, to look for possible remedy.


Hush Baby Please Don’t Cry

A very active and healthy 22 month old and 7 month old, how to survive the day!

I have shared here some of the proven and tested activities that have prevented my children’s meltdowns and or divert attention.

  1. Put on a CD and dance.  We do this every morning.  Baby on jumper, bobbing his head with the music while mama and toddler wiggle their hips.  Great way to start the start.  Happy music and some exercise.  I recommend those sing along children song. After a couple of songs and seeing mama wiggling and having fun, a grumpy toddler will sure start participating and having fun.
  2. Sing a familiar action song.  My daughter, the toddler loves to sing “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat” and when baby is crying this song definitely stops the tears and soon you’ll see the smile.  My daughter loved saying “wrow” and doing the action.  Another favourite is “If you’re Happy and You Know It”.  This is a hit to both of my children.  My daughter loves the wiggling as I have changed the second verse to wiggling and almost always we don’t finish the song as she just wiggles away.
  3. Musical toys.  I still use musical toys to divert the attention of my toddler when she is having a spell.  She is still at that age that is intrigued by the sounds that comes out from a thing.  Though the attention span is not that long, it is still long enough to stop the crying.  And of course babies love anything that emits a sound or song while being touched or shaken.
  4. Read.  The colourful pictures captivates the attention of my baby and my toddler is having fun and learning at the same as she points and names objects, shapes, animals or letters.
  5. Bath.  This is only applicable to my toddler.  She likes water and really loved to play in one.  May it be water in a cup or the one in the bath.  She has stick-able foam alphabets that she loves playing with.
  6. TV.  I think there is no need to expound.  But I have to make sure though that it is on Treehouse otherwise the crying will start again. Apparently as I just noticed lately, this applies also to my baby boy.
  7. Youtube.  This is the last resort.  This will stop the tears and occupy her till whenever but the problem is when you take away the Playbook or iPhone, the tears is much much worse.

I know that there is still a lot of activities to be discovered but for now, the above list are a sure fire way to stop the tears and I’ll be sticking to them until  the day it stops working.

Playing with her brother's stuff.

Playing with her brother’s stuff.

Pictures. Read. Colours. Shapes. Letters and Numbers.

Pictures. Read. Colours. Shapes. Letters and Numbers.

Goodnight Monsters!


I have been sleeping on and off.  And now, its past 2:00am and I am very much awake.

Night terrors!

I will no longer know if it is insomnia thats ruining my sleep because apparently there is a new term for it “night terrors”. And I am not a happy camper.

She wakes up everybody. It played havoc on her sleep pattern and it is making us all grumpy and cranky.

On top of this new toddler development, she now has an idea of mine and no. Mama is mine. Toys is mine. Pacifier is mine. Everything except papa is mine. Food is no. Water is no. Any question is answered by a no and when you give her that exasperated look she’ll ask you what’s wrong. 😦

My poor poor baby boy. He cant do anything but cry. And poor me. Chaos on 5 hr numerously interrupted sleep.

But enough pity party, I am very thankful that it is only night terrors and not some unknown illness thats keeping us all awake.

Thank you Lord!

Sweet Potato Muffin

The banana version is such a hit to our family that I decided to try it with sweet potatoes. 

And the muffins did not last long.


2 medium sweet potatoes, boiled, mashed
2 cups flour
2/3 cup of sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup mayonnaise


Pre heat oven to 375 degrees.

Mix the dry ingredients. Mix mayonnaise and mashed sweet potatoes.

Mix together until well blended through.

Spray Pam oil in muffin pan and or use muffin cups, optional.

Spoon mixture to muffin pans bringing it up to 2/3.

Bake in middle rack for 25 minutes or until it has turned golden brown or when muffin is pressed, it springs back up.

Makes 12.

I have been giving this to my toddler as an alternative choice for breakfast and she can finish half a muffin. Makes mama feel good.